The Evolution of Religion

Theoretical Metaphysics

Truth is one. True science and true religion must be in harmony and we must reject the view that science and religion are in conflict. Science and religion cannot be opposed because they are aspects of the same truth; reasoning powers are required to understand the truths of two most potent forces in our lives.

Whenever conflict arises between religion and science it is due to human error; either through misinterpretation of religious scriptures or the lack of a more complete understanding of science. If religious teachings diverge from science, they should not be accepted; religion has to be reasonable as we have been born with reason so as to discover truth.

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Science and religion, in the Bahá'í writings, are compared to the two wings of a bird upon which a person's intelligence can increase, and upon which a person's soul can progress.

If religion were contrary to logical reason then it would cease to be a religion and be merely a tradition.

Book of Creation

Why was Everything created from nothing?

The Judeo-Christian myth of creation, from before the beginning into Genesis.

Book of Sprial & Sequence

Why does the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio appear everywhere in nature?

The Golden Rule is the Golden Rule! Discover the simple pattern from which complexity arises.

Book Of Space & Time

What is the nature of Space and Time?

The concept of Space-Time as a stored potential and the relativity of time.

Book Of Order

How does the Golden Logic participate in evolution?

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Book of Law

What is the purpose and place of God in the age of atheism?

The preabmle to Canada's constitution recognizes the supremacy of God before the rule of law.


Thermodynamics, Number Theory and The Goilden Ratio
Creation, Evolution and the Golden Rule
Theory of Order
Why Fibonacci and Gibonacci sequences appear everywhere in nature,
and how simple combinatoric math can describe how a Universe with simple beginnings evolved into a complex form