Book Of Creation

Pregenesis: Nothing

Before the beginning, before there was everything, before there was anything, there was nothing.

Progenesis: Without End

Nothing is nothing. Nothing without end, no time nor space and certainly no change as there is nothing to change. Nothing recognizes that it is indeed nothing; the first noble act of consciousness.

Fire: Light Without End

The daunting truth of nothing without end comes to light and the burning desire that begins creation ignites. The fear of being alone is the inspiration for creation.

Tzimtzum: Contraction & The Equation Of Creation

Nothing is a perfect Equilibrium thrown out of balance by the emergence of the fear of being alone. The imbalance is corrected imposing finite scaling to th infinite light and creating a logical solution to the fear of being alone: one thing that lasts.

Water: Motherhood is Endurance

The Prime Singular and souce of all the will be and become, Water is capable of infinite variety from a single source and via a single mandate: Let Love Reign!

Space: Let there be Light

The first light of creation, extending outwards in all directions, creates the ever-growing boundary for the known Universe and the first emmission of light bounds all of space and time. The energy released in expansion detotes the first passage of time and the first realization of space.

Air: Destruction as the force of Love

In the alchemical tradition, when we combine Fire and Water, the result is air. High-energy particles pushing apart from one another, engaged in a dance to cool down. Let us each shed our fears so and to then come together in new and fruitful ways.

Time, Love and Understanding

Understanding grows through time. The more we understand, the more fear we reject, the more we grow. We grow in understanding and substance. It take time and time requires change.

Earth: Love defeats Fear

As time passes, cooler heads prevail. As Air is the force of destruction, cooled as the breeze, the pieces of the Prime Singular combine and recombine in seemingly infinite variety and form. The Air cools with the passage of time and recombines to become Earth, the Composite Plural.

The Judeo-Christian Name Of God

The meaning of the Judeo-Christian name for God, ofter referred to as Yahweh or Jehovah, comes from 4 Hebrew letters. These four letters together referred to at the tetragrammaton are similaarly represented by the four elements, Fire, water Air and Earth as well as other groups of 4 states of meditation and transformation.


Thermodynamics, Number Theory and The Goilden Ratio
Creation, Evolution and the Golden Rule
Theory of Order
Why Fibonacci and Gibonacci sequences appear everywhere in nature,
and how simple combinatoric math can describe how a Universe with simple beginnings evolved into a complex form