Air: Destruction as the Force of Love

In the alchemical tradition that understands Fire as fear and fear as the force of repulsion, along with water as the prime singular or matter.

When we add fire and water, the result is air. 

The conceptual metaphors of alchemy discuss process and state, using  Fire, Water, Air and Earth to connote transformation and humanize the semantics of chemistry and physical laws.

The metaphor of air is one of explosion and expansion and this expansion that begins time allows for an easing of the maxima/minima of the universal thermodynamic variables. As expansion progresses, the volume of the universe increases and this marks a drop in universal temperature and pressure.

For the alchemists, Air was symbolized by the sword; that which breaks apart.

Air is observed through destruction.

Humorously, Air is also the force of Love; attraction. If you love something, let it breathe and it will grow.

Nonetheless, it is through the easing of the thermodynamic variables of the singularity that greater order and diversity will arise.

This is the alchemical description of the thermodynamic concept of entropy, where cooling and expansion allows for systems of greater complexity to emerge; the second law of thermodynamics applied to open systems in a context where, starting at maxima, the only possibility is for entropy to decrease.

This ascention in complexity is evolution. It is the mechanism of a simple plan devised to cure the lonliness of nothing. It is the meditation of creation:

Carl Sagan says we are the Cosmos' way of knowing itself.

Kaballah says creation happened such that God might gaze upon itself.

These ideas are equivalent.


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