Earth: Love Defeats Fear

Fire is the Fear of being alone.

Water is the one thing that lasts.

Combine Fire and Water, then result is Air.

Expansion, explosion, destruction.

The separation of Air releases the energy needed to cool matter down and bring back together.

In this way, all things pursue love by rejecting fear and this is the Universal discourse seen in all matter: pursue attraction and reject the forces of replusion.

This is the Universal Destiny: to come together and reject the forces that keep us apart.

As such, we know that two atoms will molecularize only when each are in their lowest possible energy leves for a given phase and the result of the molecularization results in a molecule more coherent than the original atoms.

This is the same idea as saying that individuals will find love by defeating their fears to the point where they are capable of creating a stable relationship with another person.

This is Earth. She is the Daughter, the great Redeemer. As the forces of Love and attraction prevail, the Daughter brings all back together in new way and an intinite display of varieties is the abundance of Earth. 

So the patterns ends so as to only be bound to start again.

Creation, Preservation, Destruction, Redemption.


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