Change has come for time.

Time takes Change but All things time with change.

In change, this too will time.
Change has come for a time in perspective. 


Give it space, let it breathe. It will settle down in time.
It will settle down and time.
Pursue Love. Love more.

Love more but see your rational fears grow evermore. 


Understanding understanding is understanding.

How well do you understand understanding?

Do you understand what the word understanding means?

Most whom I have asked this question to respond by speaking of understanding in the platitudes of knowledge and comprehension. Understanding is seen as actively paying witness to the underpinnings of an idea, having knowledge of who, what, when, how and perhaps most significantly why.

Nonetheless, the word ‘understanding’ has a far more literal derivation.

Consider building a house and doing so prior to the advent of the in-ground basement. If you were to build a house on top of the earth, you would quickly suffer from two key issues. First, if the ground under the house were to shift, the house would buckle and break apart. Failing that, the house, with its floor in direct contact with the ground, would lose its heat very quickly, making it very expensive and inefficient to heat the house.

Before the advent of the in-ground basement, houses needed both a solid foundation and elevation from the ground for thermal insulation. Houses were built on a latticework of posts; feet that kept the house firmly set in position, while allowing for the effect of ground shifting to be minimized and creating a pocket of air under the house for thermal insulation. It is this latticework of feet that is the understanding.

The understanding is the foundation; that on which everything else rests.

That said we use understanding as an active verb. In fact, to understand is to pay witness to, to observe the foundation, to see that on which everything else rests.

The most simple and fundamental forces that govern that behavior of everything in our universe including Space, Time, Matter, Comotion and Nothing are governed by simple laws and principles from which complex behavior emerges.

From the moment that space expands the prime singular of matter and the physical source of all that will be and become begins an informational journey. This calculation began at the beginning of time and has resulted in you and everything around you.

All matter represents information and the meaning of the information is existence.

In this way, all substance represents an understanding of events and causality that began at the beginning of time. This is quite natural because substance and understanding are the same word:

sub = under

stance = stand

Understanding and Substance are one concept and the informational nature of physical world holds one tacit meaning: existence. The meaning of all of the information that comprises the physical universe is existence; the meaning is all things that are, all things that have been and all things that will become.

The link between thermodynamics and information theory is the core of our discussion. The metaphors of creation describe the patterns of evolution and are a conversation about why instead of how.

The link from creation to evolution happens when we understand that all substance is information. It has travelled from the moment for creation, through all of space and time, to be here now, to become you and I.

All of the substance in the Universe is Information. Its meaning is existence.

Let there be light and let there be understanding.


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