Fire: Light without End

The first act of consciousness comes when nothing realizes that it is nothing.

Nothing is as lonley as nothing.

As nothing, there is nothing in the realm of possibilities, nothing of interest and no variety, no birth, no death, no body, no mind, no taste nor smell, no sound, no sense, no touch and no phenomenon. Nothing.

Realizing that nothing is indeed nothing, the lonliness creates fear; the fear of being alone.

It is the fear of being alone that inspires creation, for it is fear that provides the motivation to break the lonliness of nothing.

In alchemical traditions, Fear is called Fire. Fire is the Father, the first emotion, its tool is the wand and with the wand one creates.

There is a great deal of ubiquity in the relationship between the mature male force in the Universe and the fear of being alone.

In Herbew, the nature of God shifts from Ayin Sof (without End) to Ayin Sof D'aur (Light without end).

Hebrew : אור אין סוף  

From Nothing, to awareness of nothing, we now have a Universe of filled with fear.

In the light without end, for an instant that is an eternity, there is only the fear of being alone.


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