Progenesis: Without End

Ayin Sof

If there is nothing and only nothing, there is no matter, no charge and no force. Just nothing.

Nothing is without difference or charge, without positive and negative, without attraction and repulsion, without love and fear.

There is nothing to be had here.

The story begins with the first act of consciousness. Nothing gains an awareness of self where self-awareness is the destiny of the Universe in all of its possible states.

The First Act of Consciousness

Our combined and mutual history begins with a revelation: Nothing is nothing.

Recognition brings with it transformation, for as nothing realizes that it is nothing, nothing also sees that nothing is completely alone.

The transformation shifts the nature of all from Ayin to Ayin Sof; boundlessness; without end.

Hebrew : אין סוף

The universal emtpiness, in its boundlessness, imposes a great truth of lonliness.

Imagine nothing and nothingness. This is a very lonely state of being.

Truly, nothing is as lonely as nothing.

In this act, a first zero is formed.

From Nothing to Zero; the point of origin of creation.replicareplica watches hong kongwatch replica


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