Tzimtzum: Contraction & The Equation of Creation

Nothingness is the ground state of the Universe.

As the total electrical charge of the Universe is zero, there is an ultimate and continual balance in the universe between negative and positive charge.

Fear is the human emotion that extends out of the force of repulsion.

Fear is the negative one; this is the -1.

The expression of the first fear as "Light without End" is the experience of the most extreme lonliness. The creation of the negative emotion brings the equilibrium of nothingness out of balance. 

The emergence of the negative force of fear mandates balance be maintained and in doing so, creates that which will overcome fear and lonliness; that which lasts.

In this way, the transformation of the equilibrium of nothingness to the negative emotion of the fear of being alone (as light without end) creates an inequality in balance. For the negativity to exist, balance must be maintained. Balance arises in this way from contraction; light without end is contracted and pulled back from the infinite to the finite. By limiting the infinite, we give room for the positive to come to fruition and impose balance on our now unbalanced universe.

When the fear of being alone is felt by nothing, a positive form comes immediately so as to compensate and maintain balance. Indeed a positive one, naturally a +1. and this is the equation of creation:

0 = -1 + 1


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