Le Chatelier's principle

Today I have been musing on a few thoughts regarding the nature of space-time and its relationship to change. I feel that the pr…

The Valence Group Table of Elements

A physical restructing of the periodic table of elements based purely on grouping by valence shells occupied.

Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors

lFTrs and the new age of nuclear energy

Macbook Random Shutdown Syndrome (RSD) Fixed

Do you own a macbook that now randomly shuts down??? I do not but this is how I fixed a friend's macbook that would randomly tur…


Thermodynamics, Number Theory and The Goilden Ratio
Creation, Evolution and the Golden Rule
Theory of Order
Why Fibonacci and Gibonacci sequences appear everywhere in nature,
and how simple combinatoric math can describe how a Universe with simple beginnings evolved into a complex form