Macbook Random Shutdown Syndrome Fixed

Do you own a macbook that now randomly shuts down???

I do not but this is how I fixed a friend's macbook that would randomly turn off and the time between boot attempts was proportional to the length of time the machine stays on.

First, if your machine is covered by any warranty, do not do this as it invariably will void that warranty. If your warranty has expired and your macbook has begun to shutdown sporatically, you have cleared your PRAM and all of that, have taken the hard drive out plus the RAM and have checked the PRAM battery, you might have "Random Shutdown Syndrome"...

Specifically, if your computer seems to boot and stay on briefly to then only shutdown, ad naseum; if the time between boots has some relationship to the length of time the machine stays on, it may be RSD...

Luckily the cure is fairly simple. You will have to dissect the macbook to do this. The best, step-by-step instructions are found here. To cure RSD complete this process to step 12 inclusive, where you will have removed the keyboard, then report back here... 

After Step 12, we will make a tiny adjustment to the layout of the wiring on the logic controller. With the keyboad removed, located the heatsink on the top-left/middle of the logic controller:


We are going to look at the heatsink in the upper left of this picture and specifically at the groove channel containing 3 ultrafine wires. I read conjecture that these wires were shorting, overheating from the heatsink and forcing shutdown of the machine. Essentially this is a fault in the built-in hardware protection; the wires for one of the heat sensors is overheating and shorting, turning off the machine...

The ideal solution would be to replace the leads with new leads if the housings are damaged.  My solution was a great deal easier (lazier)...

I simply unclipped 2 out of the three wires from the groove in the heat sink. See below:


The result  looks like:

Finally I covered the wires in metal/foil tape and attached the tap to the heatsink on the right. I referred back to the instructions listed above and preformed steps 12-> 1 reversing the process and reassembling the computer.

That was that!

RSD syndrome solved...!!! 


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