All Things Time in Change

Time is linked to change. So too is the expansion of space dependant on change.

Change is a discussion about the exchange of energy and information between two or more systems.

Information and Energy both observe the principles of thermodynamics

In open systems:
- Energy flows from hot to cold (from the system with more temperature to less temperature)
- The disparity in energy between two systems will determine the rate of thermodynamic exchange (The difference between hot and cold will determine the speed by which heat is exchanged between two systems)
- Energy flows from hot to cold until the two systems come into thermodynamic equilibrium 

In many cases these two systems may be conceptualized as "The Observer" and "Their Surroundings". Likewise, we will speak of comparative models where the thermodynamic properties of the surroundings remains constant, and we consider how the disparity in two different observers will independently affect their perception of time.


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