A Symbol of the Universe

New Year's Eve, 2006: The lover of a longtime friend wanted to get a tattoo on her left shoulder. She asked me what symbol I thought best represented the Universe. I pulled out a PDA [this was one of the few times I actually bothered to carry the device on my person] and drew the following picture:

This rough approximation of the greek letter phi, which in our study represents the golden ratio, is seen as a 1 dividing a zero; a metaphor for the creation of the Universe itself- one thing interrupting nothing and nothingness.

This has been the ultimate lesson for me; that all things that ever have been and ever will be descended from one thing. In some order of time, I will talk about these ideas in greater detail.

Love and Fear Not

I studied as a chef a number of years ago and recall a day, early in the morning, when I was charged with the task of sectioning some beef that had been braised. The beef was tough and grey, somewhat unhappy looking.

Standing across from me was a woman named Kate who seemed to react to me in a fashion akin to that of a germaphobe dropped into a pig pen. She no like. I was developing the ideas around the Golden Rule; that the geometric concept and the moral precept were indeed the same thing.

Kate was Christian. I see the religions of the world as a myriad of different ways to tell the same story. Kate didn't see our perspectives as agreeing.swiss watch replica uk

Recounting my ideas on the Golden Rule, I said, "Well, isn't this Golden Rule the main teaching of Christ?".

"No," she said, with a tone that denoted the absurdity of the question. 

She then posited that there are 2 principle teaching of Christ, and the Golden Rule is the second.

"What is the first," I asked.most expensive replica watches

"The first teaching is 'Love God'," she said.

I was stunned. When I had written out the fundamental ideas that surround the construction of the Universe, I used a simple human analog to describe the principle of attraction and repulsion. In my simple formulation forces that attracted, that pulled things together were akin to Love. Forces that hinder higher order, impose chaos, resisting combination and destroying bonds, in effect the forces that keep individuals isolated and separate groups are akin to Fear.

When I had written this out, I described the principle as, "Love and Fear Not."

When I tried to describe this to Kate, I excitedly looked up from the cutting board with the grey beef, losing track of the blade of my knife, cutting the tip of my thumb off in front of the nail. Essentially, the tip of my thumb was flat.valjoux 7750 replica watches

I looked at the thumb, then back at Kate. She was stunned silent. I looked back at the cutting board, now filling with blood. I turned my knife over, picked up the now truncated piece of my thumb. 

Kate broke the silence by shrieking, "That's GROSS!!!"

I never got to tell her how right she was; Love God, and Fear Not. You'll be fine.


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