Where is Everywhere?

Everywhere we look, we see the spiral.

But what do we mean by "Everywhere"?

The spiral is a universal symbol.

The spiral appears all around us.

We see it in animals :

We see it in plants:

We see it in galaxies:

We see it in our body:

We see it in our DNA:replica watch swiss etag-shock knock off watchesreplica day date

We see it in organic chamistry:

Biochemical Periodic Table - Taken from: http://umbbd.msi.umn.edu/periodic/spiral.html

We see it everywhere we look in the natural world, Everywhere we look, from the microscope to the telescope, and in great abundance of the naked eye, we see natural systems displaying this pattern.

We have identified this pattern and have replicated it in art architechture and design for many millenia. Evidence of the understanding of these simple mathematical relationships have attributed to Sumerian, Egyptian and Greek texts.

So this pattern, this underlying quirk of the natural universe has been part of human knowledge for years. The pattern is based on a simple principle and that is at work in all natural systems.

Understanding why the Golden Spiral is so pervasive, however, is lost knowledge. I am not the first to have these ideas; however I have not found any information that discusses the semantics of the golden ratio: why the fibonacci sequence appears everywhere in nature and what is it doing.

What follows is a step-by-step understanding of the Generalized Fibonacci sequences.

If you can understand what the generalized Fibonacci sequences do, what task they mathematically perform, you can begin to understand the universe as constructed between thermodynamics and information theory.


Thermodynamics, Number Theory and The Goilden Ratio
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Why Fibonacci and Gibonacci sequences appear everywhere in nature,
and how simple combinatoric math can describe how a Universe with simple beginnings evolved into a complex form